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Bro Muffler & Auto Repair in Huntington Beach, CA

Bro Muffler & Auto Repair is a service shop that's located in Huntington Beach, CA. We help our customers deal with a wide range of replacement, repair and maintenance needs on their trucks and cars. Our technicians have access to an array of tools and automotive parts, and they make sure the job is done right the first time. We're a locally based and family-run operation, and our team has been helping people keep their cars on the road for more than 10 years.

We specialize in doing work on both mufflers and exhaust systems. Our garage has a tube bender and welder on location that enables us to create and install pipes that can be customized for any purpose.

We also sell exhaust kits for customers who are looking for something closer to the factory setup. We install a high-performance exhaust system, which increases your auto's power and efficiency. Our specialists also replace catalytic converters, and work on diesel exhaust systems.
Mechanic at Work in his Garage — Bro Muffler & Auto Repair in Huntington Beach, CA
Diagnostic Car Computer — Bro Muffler & Auto Repair in Huntington Beach, CA
Two Mechanics Fixing a Car — Bro Muffler & Auto Repair in Huntington Beach, CA
Our shop is equipped for other auto work too. We can assist you with engine and transmission problems. Our mechanics can handle air conditioning and coolant system issues too. We perform all types of brake work, from replacing pads to fixing busted lines, and can put new shocks on your vehicle. Our technicians are also experienced to give your car the proper tune-up that it deserves.

We're available to take a look at your ride's issues Monday through Saturday. You can request a free estimate before we begin any work.

Contact us today and discover the difference a qualified mechanic can make in repairing your car or truck.